• Carrying a story, a tradition, a symbol that emits a social cause is often a more valuable step than the possession of an expensive outfit, which fades away, but ultimately remains a purely luxury choice that helps to distinguish among others.

  • "With Israel On" is the name of this project, in which the stylist Nurce became a random part, but it seems to have had a great success, now in the Balkans, but also beyond. The idea with the creations over Israel came within the 67th anniversary of the creation of this state, where its most unique symbols were materialized in silk pieces.

  • Two fashion projects that go hand in hand with style and tendencies, strong messages, also from the social cause of our society. From the symbols of Israel's history and art, to the successful project with the children who do not hear at the Tirana Institute of Students

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``True elegance is the point of contact between great elegance and carelessness ...``


``You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.``

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Classic Set


Classic Set

This items are totally handmade and personalized, so it will take at list 10 days after the order to reach the client. This model is available also in cashmere

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Elegant Style

Black couture jacket available also in cashmere